Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Delta Touch Faucet Love At First Touch

Touch technology has been around for a long time and we have used it without even noticing it on ATMs and kiosks long before Apple made it a household word with their iPhone. Now Delta, a popular name when it comes to kitchen and bath accessories, brings us the same convenience with their Delta touch faucet.

If you are wondering how on earth can touch technology make a faucet more usable, you are in for a big surprise. Read on to find out what makes people fall instantly in love with this innovative accessory.

The best part of the Delta touch faucet is that you can turn the water on and off with one touch anywhere on its body or handle. How many times have you come to your bathroom faucet with dirty hands and wished you had one more hand to turn the water on. With the Delta touch faucet all you need to do is give it a nudge with your elbow or any part of your body. The same convenience can come in handy when you are at the kitchen faucet with your hands full.

The faucet uses the same technology that goes into the best smartphone touchscreens. Without getting too technical, your touch causes a variation in the small current that flows over the surface of the faucet which tells it to turn the water on or off.

There are three main advantages of the Delta touch faucet:
1. Convenience: As we have seen before, it is just the facility that you need when you don't want to touch the faucet or when you can't touch it because your hands are full.

2. Hygiene: Faucet handles are the places where dirt and germs tend to accumulate and a touch faucet helps minimize this problem.

3. Water conservation: The water flow starts and stops instantaneously, so there is no water flowing while you are opening and closing the faucet. There is no need to keep the water flowing in between jobs, something which we often do with traditional faucets because of the time and effort it takes to turn it on and off. The touch faucet has an automatic shutoff mechanism in case you forget to turn it off.

Due to its stylish looks, innovative technology and advantages, the Delta touch faucet has received great reviews from users. People especially like its high quality, sleek looks and reliable performance. Buy it with confidence, but be warned, its magic will surely make you fall in love with it.

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